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COSMO Skin Solutions was founded in 2003 by the work of a well-known dermatologist Italian and a team of young and enterprising professionals with experience in several important realities.


COSMO Skin Solutions focuses on the essentials of what it does best skin! Its principle is to "help to regenerate" activating the skin permanently, such as the inside. COSMO Skin Solutions has contributed to the creation of COSMECEUTICALS in Italy

The objectives are: regeneration, contrastarel'invecchiamento, strengthening and toning of the skin The online casinos team of researchers COSMO Skin Solutions has focused his studies on antioxidants in pure form stable and in particular the online pokies use of topical Syn Ake, better known as serum Viper.
To improve and maintain the appearance of young skin, the COSMO Skin Solutions philosophy is based on three fundamental principles: to prevent premature aging by neutralizing the effects of free radicals that cause cellular oxidation, protect the skin from damage caused by UV rays through sunscreens, correct the visible signs of skin aging .. Thanks to a multidisciplinary approach to research and development, COSMO Skin Solutions has established relationships with leading experts in the field of cellular and molecular biology, chemistry, biophysics and dermatology in order to promote the well-being

AFRODITE s.r.l. - Via delle ERBE, 1 - 20121 Milano Italia - Phone +39.02.849.264.37 Fax +39.02.849.264.36

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